Introducing children to fun English word games undoubtedly help them develop key skills, such as reading, vocabulary, and spelling. Words are the building blocks of any language, and possessing a solid vocabulary helps the little ones master the language. Moreover, when you teach four letter words to kids, you can break the word into letter by letter (syllable by syllable) and help them understand the meaning of each word. By doing this, children would be able to comprehend how each letter sounds in words, which improves their pronunciation skills. You can also engage them in playful word learning games and ask them to read the words aloud.

Also, introduce four letter words to kids, which is available at Osmo. These four letter words help children learn from the basics and form some simple sentences. Besides teaching them the words, you can take them for a morning or evening walk and encourage them to identify the objects’ names they have learned so far, like, birds, flowers, fruits and many more. You can also engage them in fun educational games like Bingo. Such games are easy to play, and kids enjoy playing them. Here is a list of word games for children with word games that motivate conversation and early learning skills to play or prepare the little ones with some paper and pencil.

Funny Words Games for Children

Word games are an excellent tool as they aid kids concentrate on letters and their corresponding sounds, improve skills they require for writing, spelling, and reading. For example, when you want to teach kids the Four Letter Words That Start With I, which is available at Osmo, you can teach them some simple words by combining them with a word game. By doing this, kids don’t feel the stress of learning and remembering new words. Moreover, learning new words help them have a more robust vocabulary and great communication skills. Here are some word games for the little ones to learn and retain as they play.

  • Word Family Game: This game is all about having fun while kids learn. They are required to rhyme the words. They can pick one word, and everyone has to write down the words that rhyme with it. For instance, if the word is Rat, the rhyming words can be cat, mat, bat, pat etc. This is a fun word game to assist little ones in building their vocabulary and developing their language skills.
  • HangMan: One of the famous word games for the little ones is the HangMan. Player A (Child) has to think of a word, and Player B has to guess it right; they can get hung. Player A also gives spaces for letters written on the board, so they are well aware of how many letters exist in that particular word. Next, Player B has to guess a letter in that word. If it is right, Player A has to write the letter in its place. And, if it is incorrect, Player B has to draw a part of the Hangman. Finally, Player A can be declared a winner if the drawing gets finished before Player B guesses.
  • Word Hunt: This is yet another tricky word game for the little ones is a word hunt. You can draw a box of 5 x 5 squares and write down a few words to place in the grids. The rule is that words can go down, up, or diagonal, overlapping and using more than once. Make a list on the bottom or side of the grid of the words that you have written. Once you are unable to write any more words, fill in the blank squares with letters. Now, children have to search for the words. This is a fun word game to play as a team. Also, you can create identical boxes and monitor who completes first for the little ones who like to compete. This word game fosters determination and the will to develop their vocabulary.

Osmo has a variety of word building games and activities that help children improve their vocabulary. You can visit Osmo’s website to know more about these word games.