A certified nursing assistant is a healthcare professional whose work is to tend to the patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse or a registered nurse. The career of nursing is mainly for people who want to help others but do not have sufficient time and money for schooling to become nurses or are thinking of pursuing nursing in future.

The asisente de enfermeria courses are approximately 6 to 10 weeks, after which they can start working. These courses are provided by companies like International Training Careers which is a Miami-based company with over 25 years of expertise. They are a dedicated knowledge center accredited by the Florida Department of Education for providing quality education.

Responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Help patients with their daily life activities

They must take critical care of their patients by doing tasks that the patients themselves cannot complete without some help. Some of the activities are:

  • Shaving their face, combing their hair and cutting their nails.
  • Help them use the toilet.
  • Transfer and reposition the patients from their wheelchair to the bed.
  • Serve their meals and in some cases, even feed them.

Listen to the health concerns of patients

Talking to the patient while doing your work can help find out more about their medical history, living situation and any other situation that can affected the patient’s health.  This will help your supervisor make a better diagnosis.

Measure vital signs

Taking the vital signs of the patient such as their temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure at intervals throughout the day is important. This helps to keep tabs on the health of the patient. The other signs to keep track of are their pain level, breathing ability, etc.


The patient who is not able to take care of themselves will not be able to take care of their immediate environment either. At times, certified nursing assistants will have to do basic household work such as cleaning and dusting of the house, and especially the patient’s room.

Tending to patients’ problems

Tending to the patients’ problems could consist of dressing them, taking care of their wounds, preventing bedsores, etc. These small tasks are very important for patients.

Help the supervisor with procedures

Certified nursing assistants work under the nurses so they must assist them during any procedure. The task could be setting up equipment, reserving operation theaters, moving medical devices, etc.


This course could be a stepping stone in the medical industry. Working under a registered nurse and working closely with patients could be a good learning experience.