The Best Career Options after a Fashion Designing Course at IDM

The rise of peoples understanding of aesthetic sense has curtailed fashion to be a lucrative career. If you are someone who loves to experiment with different clothing options or tried sketching an award-winning dress then this is where you should be, a fashion designing course!

A fashion designing course is no more just focused on Bollywood or fashion shows. The spectrum of fashion has sprung over so many more fronts. The demand for designers has increased at a surprising rate due to the increase in social media trends. Everyone wants to keep up with the trends and wants to wear something spectacular.

All the fashion influencers do have a team of designers who have passed out of a fashion designing course that helps the small-scale to large-scale influencers to create new content every day.

The wedding season calls for professionals out of fashion designing course who has a personality of their own that can help people to design clothes for different tastes. Every event at any wedding needs a fashion designer and what better than a degree and experience that you will get in the fashion designing course at IDM?

A designer’s job consists of so many skills and powers. Their job consists of creativity, imagination, the study of trends, the study of textiles, cultural aspects, and the fundamentals of different skin colours, and body types. This is a job for a person who is creative yet has deep knowledge about each spectrum of fashion.

What will you learn in the fashion designing course at IDM?

Institute of Design and Media, started in 2010, is one of the leading academic collaborations for a fashion designing course. This is a 4-year course filled with tremendous learning and every student will walk out of this course with amazing job opportunities and an industry-ready skill set.

Immersive Masterclasses every semester

Renowned faces of the fashion industry will come for masterclasses at IDM to clarify industry-related questions of the students. This will give every student the opportunity to learn, raise questions, and make contacts while in the university.

Fashion Study Tours

On-field exposure plays a pivotal role in shaping the personality of students in the fashion designing course. Tours that will help students understand the textile market, making a dress from scratch, also the buying and selling process of textiles.

High Tech Infrastructure

IDM focuses on learning traditional methods of the fashion industry and combines them with the leading technology trends. This amalgamation makes the students ever ready for any situation after the completion of their degree in fashion designing.


The last semester of this program will consist of a 4–6-month internship program in the field of the student’s choice or expertise. These few months will shape the student’s skills to make them industry ready.

What are your off-beat career options after the fashion designing course?

Art Direction

Fashion does not just fixate the students on clothes. They can explore the world of visual fashion that is needed by YouTubers, YouTube series, series on Ott platforms, and many more.

The main responsibility here will be creating pleasing appealing layouts for every scene in the video.

Fashion Journalist

A few pass-outs from the fashion designing course have stepped into journalism in the expertise of fashion. Candidates can write about all the latest fashion trends for magazines or online portals of fashion. Any article related to textiles, colour, design, fabric, and developments in the fashion world can be a big hit as a fashion journalist.

The alumni of IDM fashion designing students are a network of 15k people spread in different sectors of the industry. After the fashion designing course, each student will be able to carve a beautiful career in the field of fashion with the help of alumni, masterclasses, computing technologies used on the campus, and study tours by the college.

Anyone looking for a course that will secure your future in the fashion space, the bachelor’s of fashion designing at IDM will open all the career opportunities.