What We’re Currently Up To:

We work with businesses and individuals to develop custom solutions that address problems, enhance abilities, and raise the bar on human performance. 

A positive working relationship is essential to our success, and we will work with you to find the ideal solution for your needs, whether it’s one-on-one coaching sessions or team development initiatives.

Why are Counseling and tutoring necessary?

A knowledgeable good mentor is a priceless advantage for businesses. The leadership and management certificates offered by ILM assist professionals in improving their management performance, resolving conflict, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as their self-confidence and motivation.

According to our most current research, teaching and guiding have a positive effect on employment in a variety of ways:

  • More capable teams.
  • Assistance to the exceptional staff
  • Capacity for employees’ values and attitudes to be more aligned with the organization’s strategy and spirit
  • The much more tolerant society
  • Enhancement of staff pleasure
  • Increased engagement of employees

Pro-Noctis is glad to offer hybrid ILM coaching courses with the Pro Noctis curriculum that includes virtual sessions and two onsite training days.

Who is qualified for this position?

This qualification is intended for leaders and managers at all levels who wish to enhance their coaching and mentoring knowledge, skills, and understanding to increase their ability and confidence in coaching and mentoring, facilitate productive and effective workplace conversations, promote the growth and development of others, and obtain a recognized accredited qualification.

As a member of the ILM team

We are committed to using the power of leadership to improve the lives of individuals and organizations.

It is our mission to help people and organizations improve their leadership abilities for both personal and business success. 

Employers and training providers benefit from our expertise in helping them create and certify leaders with the proper mix of skills.

More brilliant leaders are developed by us than anyone else in the UK because we are the leading provider of leadership and management degrees in the UK.

ILM Coaching Courses With Pro Noctis

Strategically aligned training and consulting to your organization’s goals:

  1. Development of Strategic Leadership and Management
  2. Communication and decision-making that works
  3. Development of Team Ethos and Culture
  4. Self-Awareness and Relationships
  5. Mentoring and Coaching
  6. Programs for Mental Fitness and Well-Being

You’ll get what you’re looking for:

  1. Make certain that you understand what it takes to be a good coach or mentor before beginning your journey.
  2. Be aware of how coaching and mentoring are applied
  3. Take a look at well-known methods for coaching and mentoring, as well as the tools and approaches that might help you implement them.
  4. Execute supervised coaching and mentoring sessions to put your knowledge into action.
  5. Improve your performance by analyzing your mentor or coach’s performance.

Make a difference for your employees

  1. First-line supervisors who are competent and self-assured
  2. Improved teamwork and communication
  3. Workplace-based assessment guarantees that new abilities are transmitted to your business in a meaningful way.
  4. Optional modules – certification can be customized to your company’s learning and development needs.