You maybe take a Korean class because you’re moving there, or you’re interested in K-dramas and K-pops, or dating someone from Korea. Whatever your reasons are, it is a great choice to learn this language. To help you keep motivated and understand that Korean is fascinating, here are career benefits for you who can speak Korean.


If you haven’t thought about what the Korean language can do for your career, the first thing you can always try is becoming a translator. With so many Korean movies, drama series, reality shows, and songs, there are always chances to be a good Korean translator. You can easily seek jobs as a translator, proofreader, and more. You can choose as a translator for a certain company or becoming a freelancer.


Many people consider translating and interpreting are the same things. However, these two are very different. While translating is changing the exact sentences into a different language, interpreting is explaining oral or manual communication between two or more speakers who are not speaking in the same language. Here, interpreters take the duty to set up direct communication professionally.

Teacher and Trainer

There are always opportunities to become a Korean teacher or trainer. You can join a language institution or become a private teacher. Start by teaching kindergarten kids or first graders. If you already gain confidence, you can start teaching at a higher level. Becoming a trainer or teacher can also be a good process to outdo your Korean.

Tour Guide

Another great thing you can endeavor once you complete the Korean class is becoming a tour guide or travel guide. You will also have more chances to meet native speakers and explore your language skills. Because Korea now becomes one of the most popular tourist destinations, the need for this job increases. Besides, who doesn’t want to earn money by traveling, right?

Call Center

Since you are now bilingual, handling an overseas call won’t be an issue anymore. Therefore, you can seek a job career as a call center to handle a call from a foreigner. This career can be a great start to take your career to the next level.

Work in Korean Companies

There are hundreds of Korean companies all over the world. The companies vary from technology, media, tourism, finance, trading, business research, electronics, and many more. Fluent Korean employees will receive a better chance to get higher positions and salary; some Korean companies also offer scholarships in the country.

Language Blogger or Content Creator

Are you the type of person who loves to work remotely and creatively? Then it would be best if you tried a language blogger and content creator. You can share your Korean language learning experiences and tell the audience how the language affects your life. Start using a blog, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or even the most viral one these days, TikTok, to give simple basic learning about Korean day by day. If you have many viewers, subscribers, or followers, what you do will provide you with a fortune.

So, stay focused with your Korean class and achieve your goal. There are many careers you could consider when you master the Korean language. Do you have another role that we haven’t listed above?