Learning to manage a work – life balance is twice as difficult for a teacher. Do your staff know how?

With burnout on the rise and several career ending cases throughout the pandemic, we need to take a long, hard look at how we treat teaching staff. They are the cogs that make the world turn. Without their input, young people would grow up believing they were destined for menial labour without hope for a better future. Without them, children would lack the inspiration they need to grow and evolve into young adults. Yet thousands of teachers burn out, every year.

To prevent this level of stress sending our teachers into early retirement, we present to you wellbeing training for teachers. We suggest you enlist them, ASAP. Especially if you want to continue running your school with a full complement of staff.

Five Reasons to Give Teachers Wellbeing Training

Run, don’t walk, to the nearest wellbeing course you can find. We love the numerous solutions at Hays Wellbeing Training, but the options for online training are endless. Here are 5 reasons you should do it, today.

1 – Improved Mental Wellness

If you want to lower staff turnaround through better mental health in the workplace, this is your chance to do it. Wellbeing training teaches us how to monitor our own stress levels so that we don’t’ get to the stage of quitting our jobs and changing careers.

2 – Lower Staff Turnover

If you work for a teaching establishment with a high staff turnover, you might want to implement wellbeing training immediately. Simple things like learning how to remove yourself from stressful situations, can lead to less pressure in the workplace. Less pressure means less high blood pressure for all involved. People don’t want to work in stressful places[i]. They want work to be as calm and simple as possible.

3 – Creates a Culture of Wellness

If you start with wellbeing training and add in other wellness focused perks, you will promote an effective corporate wellness culture. Sitting in an office all day is no good for our physical health. Things like wellbeing training, free fruit in the staff room, and encouraging staff to walk around outside at lunchtime, can all help create a more positive attitude in the workplace.

4 – Team Building through Wellbeing

A new corporate culture that promotes healthy, happy employees, also promotes a vital team spirit. When everyone is positive and goal focused, they work better together, too. Employees that feel well at work want that wellness to continue into their home lives. It helps them spot when each other is down. Team spirit raises in a wellness culture.

5 – Decreased Absences

From a business owners’ perspective, introducing wellness training means reducing staff absenteeism. This goes hand in hand with a lower staff turnover. If your employees are mentally well, they are less inclined to other illnesses. This means higher productivity for you, reliable teachers for your students, and a better atmosphere all round.

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